Our team

Vráťa Jenšík

The Pro Photographer

Jakub Zajíček

Top Notch Camera man

Michal Maliarov

The Second Camera Wizard

Nikol Pánková

The Make Up Genius


Because details matter

The wedding day is a big event for a couple in love. It is necessary not only to arrange a lot of little things, but also to find someone who will capture everything for you in the most beautiful way possible, and above all in the least disruptive. A wedding is about people having fun, memories, laughing and dancing. And all this should be preserved for many years to come.

Our team has been involved in wedding photo and video production for more than 10 years and has experienced literally dozens of diverse weddings and festive events. We gained a lot of experience and found out what works best. We specialize not only in the most professional, but also very friendly approach. For us, this is not just another job, but the opportunity to help a newlywed couple remember their big day in the most interesting, original and modern way possible. That is why we invent unique shots, interesting camera angles, filming in unusual locations and we use a whole range of accessories that make photos and video special.

The team consists of professionals from several different fields, which helps us maintain a proper workflow and have interesting insights. In addition to weddings, Vráťa also devotes himself to glamour photography, so he always has a perfect angle or an unusual idea in his mind. Jakub has been filming wedding ceremonies for many years and thrives on slow motion and the use of a drone for movie like shots.

Michal, with many years of experience in the field of journalism and PR, is able to direct all filming well and put together the final shots. Last but not least, Nikol has been professionally engaged in make-up and styling for almost 8 years and has participated in many commercials, fashion events and weddings, so she can light up the bride throughout the day.

As you can see, 10 years in the industry have taught us that a well-coordinated team can work wonders. So don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s plan your big day!